Gayatri Architects & Developers is one of the top architectural firm in Sehkawati region and is devoted to make any area you choose a standard corporate area. Gayatri architects has solution to all your problems.

Gayatri Architects & Developers has achieved a large and impressive portfolio of completed projects in last few years. Working across diverse typologies such as Residential, hospitality, retail, commercial and Institutional buildings; Gayatri Arch & developers has the expertise to undertake both architectural and interior design work. A professional commitment, based on trust and quality work together with an inherent focus on Spatial Planning, Design and Sustainability.

All our designs are unique.
By engaging in a critical dialogue that converges the boundaries of architecture, design and urbanism, we aim to create solutions, inspired by the specificities of the location, client needs and the community. They must deal with all issues unique to our economics, sociology, history, diversity and our context.

Our services range from pre-project activities (site visit, site inspection, surveying, soil testing, system studies) to project intensive task such as architectural planning, structural designing to project execution, evaluation and supervision. Gayatri Architects & Developers is committed to consistently delivering ideas that meet the challenges and demands of the construction industry today.


Looking For An Architect In Sikar ?

We provide innovative, reliable and experienced Residential Architects. At Gayatri Architects, we employ some of the best interior designers and architects in Shekhawati Region. The services we provide include architectural, civil and interior designs.Our reach covers Many Districts in Rajasthan. Our strength comes from is our team,all well equipped with the knowledge to understand the growing needs and requirements of the markets and trends. With high-end interior designers and interior architects, we don’t just aim to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. So we welcome you to Gayatri Architects & Developers, where we help you make the home of your dreams come true, after all home is where the heart is.